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The Seattle Wallbeds prices INCLUDE delivery and installation of all products they sell, in the greater Seattle / Tacoma area. Outside the area can be done for an additional fee. Deliveries in downtown city areas and condos may require an additional delivery fee.

Important information for delivery and install

  • Area where bed will be installed must have a minimum of an 8’ x 8’ area of floor space free of furniture or other obstacles to assemble cabinetry.
  • Try to locate a wall that is not on the other side of a bathroom or kitchen with plumbing in the wall. It can be installed on these walls but extra care must be taken and in some occasions special procedures must be employed to do the install which could incur additional fees.
  • Check area for obstacles that may impede the function of cabinets, Ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, molding, wall outlets and switches, etc. We can provide a planner that helps determine most of these situations.
  • If you have purchased an LED lighting kit for your bed, there must be a power source within a reasonable distance of the bed. Kits plug into to a typical outlet and are controlled by a remote switch.
  • Installations consist of assembly and attachment of beds and cabinets in the location you choose. If there is additional work required to perform or complete the install a fee will be charged for the additional work.
  • Our beds and side cabinets are designed with a notch for base board trim that can accommodate up to 4 ¼” tall base board molding. If you have baseboards taller than this, the portion where the cabinetry covers the wall will need to be removed. This is part of the standard install if it is necessary.
  • The ceiling clearance for standard Queen Bed (panel bed or library bed) is 92”, standard full and twin panel beds require a ceiling clearance of 87”. Short style queens and full size beds are also available that have slightly reduced clearance: 87" for queen and 82" for full or single. Please ask for details and confirm clearance when ordering.
  • Beds and cabinets should have some clearance left and right by at least 1 ½”, this allows doors and drawers to open and close without hitting walls or other obstructions, also not all walls and floors are level, the extra clearance allows the installer to deal with these issues more effectively. If there is no option due to space constraints cabinetry can be placed as close as possible to a wall as dictated by the plumb and levelness of the area.
  • Balance of payment is due upon completion of installation.

For our Do-It-Yourself customers beyond our installation area, we will provide video instructions to assist you in the assembly and installation of the bed and cabinets.

If you have a question or encounter a problem while assembling the products, please call 253-205-7331 for assistance.


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